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Put simply, a fixture is listed through one of numerous companies that provide data to the bookmaking industry. But it is either a 'fake match', one that takes places but is played between two different teams than the ones listed or a 'ghost game', one that doesn't take place at all. A game that does not take place. Why would anyone fall for that? As Shakhter have claimed, their website was hacked into a couple of days beforehand, and a fake match report was added. "It is very clever and very lucrative," said Fred Lord, director of anti-corruption and transparency operations at the International Centre for Sport Security. Match-fixers do not have to bribe officials, teams or players to fix a game because the game is not actually happening. The industry is based on goodwill. Punters expect to be paid out promptly and unless there is reason for suspicion, that is what happens.

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Autism and Screen Time: Special Brains, Special Risks

In my own experience in working with children and adults with autism, screen time can precipitate regression (loss of language or of social or adaptive living skills), exacerbate repetitive behaviors, further restrict interests, and trigger aggressive and self-injurious behaviors. I’ve even seen regression occur when a communication device is introduced, often when the parents are told to encourage “play” on the device so the child can “get used to it.” The proliferation of the iPad and smartphones has produced more problems and setbacks in my practice than any other single factor. As stressful and devastating as these experiences can be, so can methodical elimination of screens be exciting and inspiring. Being screen-free can enhance eye contact and language, increase flexibility in thinking and behavior, expand interests, improve emotional regulation and ability to stay on task, induce more restorative sleep, and reduce anxiety and meltdowns. Because the idea of eliminating screens can seem overwhelming, I typically recommend parents do a four week “ electronic fast” as an experiment so they can get a taste of what the intervention can do. Families track two to three problematic areas to provide objective evidence, and are encouraged to document  behaviors (such as screen time tantrums and how the child plays). Even a few short weeks can produce improvements that can be significant enough for the family to decide to continue with screen elimination, in which case the benefits will continue to build on one another. Will the child still have autism? Yes, but it’s practically guaranteed that he or she will feel, focus, sleep, behave, and function better.

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